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Weaver Grand Slam MODEL 800469 HELP

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Topic: Weaver Grand Slam MODEL 800469 HELP
Posted By: gs800469
Subject: Weaver Grand Slam MODEL 800469 HELP
Date Posted: August/19/2019 at 16:10
Hello. I'm Canadian, brand new here, and fairly new to informal bench shooting. I just acquired 2006 Weaver Grand Slam that's giving me some anxiety. I was wondering if anyone could help explain/identify what's causing it — if you've seen it yourself, or heard about it with a Weaver, or any other scope manufacturer.

My current setup:

RIFLE: Savage Mark II BTV, 22LR
SCOPE: Weaver Grand Slam, MODEL 800469 (NEW in box, old stock)
AMMO: American Eagle, 22LR, 400 round box
DISTANCE: 50 Yards

Model: 800469
Production: 2005
Power Objective: 6-20 x 40 A/O
Colour: Matte Black
Exit Pupil: 6.6-2
FOV @ 100 yards: 16.5—5.5
Eye Relief (inches): 3—2.75
Length: 14.25 inches
Click Value: 1/8th
Range — Movement & Elevation: 40"W / 40"E
Weight: 1lb, 1.75oz (503.20 grams) or (0.5032 kg)
Reticle: Varminter

I purchased this scope last week from my shooting range. It was properly installed by a trained technician, and bore-sighted.

I took it to the 50 yard bench the next day, and within a few shots, was very close to a perfect zero.

My original zero that I settled on was:
E = 1 7/8th
W = 3"

But, a few shots were a bit low, and so I checked how well it tracked, back to my original POA, and POI. It could have been the ammo or, probably me I figured.

Soon after, the reticle wouldn't move down past a certain point, even though the turret was clicking, and I hadn't run out of elevation movement, because this model, although 1/8th MOA, still had at least 24 clicks before I maxed out.

When I turned the windage turret dial to move the crosshairs right, it moved right about 3 clicks as expected, but then dropped — downwards, behaving like the elevation turret, like an elevator skipping a few floors. Absolutely bizarre to me.

Add to this, that the magnification ring turned perfectly fine when I first set up, but then shortly after got stuck when I dialed the magnification down to 15,14. At 14X, it became stuck, not allowing me to reduce power beyond 14X

I brought the scope to the person who installed at the front office, and they were able to replicate exactly what had happened to me. It was also bizarre to him. I was told it could be replaced, or they would make it right in some way — and I know they will.

The following day (Sunday August 18th), frustrated, I went back to the range, hoping to replicate the problem, but to my surprise, the scope adjusted, had full range of movement through both turrets, the magnification ring etc, but zeroed at completely different values than it did the day before.

Saturday the day before, E = 1 7/8, W = 3,
Sunday, E =

However, Bushnell owns Weaver now, and this 800469 model isn't available. My range told me that they could ship the scope back to Bushnell, and replace it for something of similar value at $650 Canadian dollars, with a Bushnell product.

But, Bushnell doesn't make an optic of this quality and magnification range, WITH a target/varmint fine crosshair, AND a small target dot — which is the sole reason why I purchased this Weaver in the first place.


1) Have any of you experienced this with a Weaver, or any other brand of scope, that started out with a problem, then disappeared a day or two later?

2) Do any of you think it's possible that the limited range of elevation, and seized magnification ring have anything to do with a scope that sat in a box for 13 years? (Keep in mind, these issues disappeared the next day)

3) Does anyone know what the erector/elevator assembly inside the scope is made of?
Brass? Zinc? Could it be corroded?


Posted By: gs800469
Date Posted: August/20/2019 at 09:50
No need for replies, problem solved I think.

Posted By: Urimaginaryfrnd
Date Posted: August/20/2019 at 19:20
Are you sure you don't want a scope with a lower power on the bottom end like a 2-7?   Is this only for target or do you hunt it?


"Always do the right thing, just because it is the right thing to do".
Bobby Paul Doherty
Texas Ranger

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