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Alpen Binoculars

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Topic: Alpen Binoculars
Posted By: CaptRedbeard
Subject: Alpen Binoculars
Date Posted: July/30/2020 at 17:55
I did a search for this brand of Bins and it came up empty, so I thought I'd ask. Has anyone else had any experience with this Brand? It was acquired a few years ago along with the Bressler brand by Explore Scientific and they continue to produce a variety of bins under both brands. My research indicated that Alpen is a top of the line manufacturer and the 10x42 Apex pair I recently received confirms their claims so far. There is an interesting story as to how I came to get these, but that is for a follow up post. Just asking if anyone is familiar with this brand.

Never forget you bins

Posted By: NDhunter
Date Posted: July/30/2020 at 20:53
Alpen and also Bresser optics are gone. They closed up a few years ago.

Posted By: CaptRedbeard
Date Posted: July/30/2020 at 21:04
Well, I knew that they were bought out by scientific explorer but I have been talking to them over the last few weeks and they still sell both brands on their website with certain ones being available on line. 

Never forget you bins

Posted By: gunut
Date Posted: July/30/2020 at 21:24
they probably still have a garage full of them....


Posted By: NDhunter
Date Posted: July/30/2020 at 21:31
That means don't go there, there would be no warranty or anything.

Look at what SWFA, the sponsor of this forum has for sale.  They are a very good retailer,
they handle most brands.

Posted By: CaptRedbeard
Date Posted: July/30/2020 at 22:47
My question was if anyone is familiar with the Brand. I do not know if they have a garage full of them or not. That wasn't the question. 
Here is the story I promised:   I won an auction for an old green pair of 10x42 Alpen binoculars. I wanted a roof prism pair for birdwatching that would fit in my new harness. The porros I had would only fit in sideways, which I didn't like.  Believe me I didn't pay much and was glad of that when I got them home. One of the smaller lenses in the left tube had come loose and was resting of the objective. But the view through the right one was clear, sharp and rather bright, so I thought I'd check them out. The man answered, listened to my story, and issued an RMA. I shipped them off, about six weeks ago, and waited. Today I received a brand new, current version, pair of 10x42 Alpen Apex binoculars in the mail and they are wonderful. That customer service person had told me that they would fix them or replace them. They had to replace them. These are listed on their site at $399 retail but you can get the same ones on line for $299. So, if nothing else, I am extremely happy, not only with the binoculars but also with their continuing customer service and their adherence to their warranty.  

Well, there you go. that's the story

Rev. David

Never forget you bins

Posted By: WJC
Date Posted: July/31/2020 at 12:52
Alpen is gone.

It was started by two former B&L (Bushnell) executives who realized they could sell Asian binos as well as B&L could. They moved to Rancho Cucamonga, California and opened up shop. I was one of their first dealers.

At no time in our association did they try to sell me a load of Blarney, I respected that very much in that they were the only company that shot me a straight line 100% of the time. In addition, Tim Gardner, the CEO, was always personable, and helpful. They sold a spectrum of qualities and, at no time, did they try to sell me anything. They waited to for me to select and purchase what I WANTED TO BUY. That was refreshing and I was sad to seem them go.


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