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Things that go Bump in the night

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Topic: Things that go Bump in the night
Posted By: Mike McDonald
Subject: Things that go Bump in the night
Date Posted: March/13/2007 at 20:37

I've been fortunate enough to live in different parts of the country during my life and have always enjoyed the discovery of  flora and fauna native to the area..


While living on the Oregon  coastI learned that  200 people anually fall from their bicycles....................and drown.


In Montana I learned that the woods are full of things that can eat your horse, or stomp your person into a mud puddle.


When I moved to Texas the wife and I discovered a vorascious little throwback called the Armadillo.

Cute, dumb as a rock, and have a strange attraction to the wife's flower garden

The edict came down from She Who Must Be OBEYED that all armadillo's on the McDonald farm must be hunted down and terminated with all available resources. 


So I'm liking that part already.


MIdlle of the night, the spousal unit hears a noise.  She hears everything.  I sleep like dead people and as such get the snot beat out of me while she's trying to wake me to perform my appointed duties as night assassin.  We can't find the day guys phone number.

Out of bed, pant,s slippers, flashlight, self loading hand held 22 caliber hole puncher and out the door we go on our mission to confront  evil and destroy it. 


Harmless litte thing, kinda waddles around like I do at night munching on things like, well, like I do at night.

Despite the similarities this creature has to!

I sneak up on the dastardly villian and straddle it, taking aim with my non suppressed Ruger 22 pistol.

He's standing right between my legs and has no concern whatsoever.

I shot the little thing right between the ears, top down.


Things I know about Armadillos, let me enumerate for you;


1.  They have a brain the size of a pea.

2.  When shot, and not hit in the brain, they go into a defensive manuver.


That manuver is the vertical leap, propelling 20 some odd pounds of armor wrapped flesh into vertical flight, the appogee of which is 48 inches.


I have a 30 inch inseam.  Got the visual on that??


Meanwhile, inside the house, the wife has;

1.     Heard the gunshot

2.     Heard me moan loudly and fall to the ground.  (I don't remember this part clearly. My brain had    company, two little guys from down south.)

3.     Looked outside after hearing all this and saw me laying on the ground clutching my midsection.

4.     Dialed 911 with a shots fired/unknown intruder, husband injured on the ground.


 Every cop and first responder in the county shows up.  Not knowing what else to do, my charming wife makes coffee for everyone so we can all sit down and talk about it.


All armadillos on the McDonald farm are shotgunned from this point forward.




Posted By: pyro6999
Date Posted: March/13/2007 at 20:42
that was so funny tell it again!!

They call me "Boots"
375H&H Mag: Yeah, it kills stuff "extra dead"

343 we will never forget

God Bless Chris Ledoux
"good ride cowboy"

Posted By: TC209X50
Date Posted: March/14/2007 at 05:41
Now that's a good one. I haven't had a chuckle like that in awhile.

Posted By: Bigdaddy0381
Date Posted: March/14/2007 at 07:16


That was an awsome campfire story......


Nothing like a good shot to the twins when half alseep and in the dark.


As for the possum in a half shell.sound like it won the first round..




Posted By: sinsir
Date Posted: March/14/2007 at 08:51

all i can say is - OUCH -


sorry man, i had to laugh for awhile on that. like my old boss use to say " i bet you'll never do that again "

Posted By: Mike Jones
Date Posted: March/14/2007 at 11:54
that was awsome

Posted By: Stephanie
Date Posted: March/14/2007 at 14:33



  Be thankful it wasn't a porcupine!   OOOOUCH!!!  




"Always give people more than what they expect to get!"    Customer Service/Sales

Posted By: RifleDude
Date Posted: March/14/2007 at 19:40


That was a hilarious story, and you have a gift for storytelling!  You use satire quite well!


RE:  "She Who Must Be OBEYED"

...Confucius says "man who claims he's master of his own domain... will lie to you about other things as well!"


Money can't buy happiness... but it's much more comfortable to cry in a Porsche than on a bicycle.

Posted By: sinsir
Date Posted: March/15/2007 at 14:00
sorry mike , i had to share that with the folks in my office.... at your expense, we all got a laugh ... thanks, but please, for sake of the one who must be obayed, please use the shot gun next time.

Posted By: ROCKMAN57
Date Posted: March/16/2007 at 18:15

 May be a little off the subject but I had a buddy who was a welder on my previous job and he invented a sling shot to cast out his bait while surf fishing.He bragged and bragged about his invention.Apparently while shooting his line out into the surf he would sit with legs spread in the sand.One day he didn't show up for work after the week-end and I called to see if everything was ok.Well it seems that his contraption had backfired and when casting the line,weight and hook got tangled.It came back and hit him where it hurts.Now these weights were also one of his inventions and had welding rods sticking out of them to stick to the sandy bottom.He was gone about a week and was walkin funny for a looongggggggg time.hehehehehe


Walk softly,keep the wind in your face and watch your back

Posted By: Duce
Date Posted: March/17/2007 at 15:44

Great story Mike,  you must have chased them north we are seeing them in Kansas now.




Posted By: mwyates
Date Posted: March/20/2007 at 07:52
Armadillos in Kansas! I remember when they first arrived in East Texas.  That was just shortly before the fire ants got here.  I don't have much use for either, but I'll take armadillos over fire ants any day. 

Posted By: Duce
Date Posted: March/20/2007 at 09:21

Originally posted by mwyates mwyates wrote:

Armadillos in Kansas! I remember when they first arrived in East Texas.  That was just shortly before the fire ants got here.  I don't have much use for either, but I'll take armadillos over fire ants any day. 


Please ! keep the fire ants and the killer bees too.




Posted By: tahqua
Date Posted: March/21/2007 at 09:47
Originally posted by Stephanie Stephanie wrote:



  Be thankful it wasn't a porcupine!   OOOOUCH!!!  




That's as funny as the story, thanks everyone

Posted By: Urimaginaryfrnd
Date Posted: August/18/2007 at 16:56



"Always do the right thing, just because it is the right thing to do".
Bobby Paul Doherty
Texas Ranger

Posted By: Duce
Date Posted: August/18/2007 at 17:04

He don`t look happy with that .




Posted By: cyborg
Date Posted: September/21/2007 at 18:26

I don't understand why it's so funny when a man takes a shot to the pills.

BUT IT IS !!!! 

It's been ten minutes and I'm still laughing my @#$ off

sorry bout the nuts mike, I hope your voice gets back to normal soon.

With Freedom comes great responsibility, you cannot have one without the other

An armed public are citizens. A disarmed public are subjects.

OATH KEEPER #8233 Support us, and join our cause.


Posted By: Rancid Coolaid
Date Posted: November/21/2017 at 11:04
Great story, great man, sad to lose another one.

Freedom is something you take.
Respect is something you earn.
Equality is something you whine about not being given.

Posted By: BeltFed
Date Posted: November/21/2017 at 19:15
Glad you brought this up RC. I think Mr. McDonald would be pleased.

I know I'm going to search out some of his old posts.

Life's concerns should be about the 120lb pack your trying to get to the top of the mountain, and not the rock in your boot.

Posted By: HKtoTikka
Date Posted: November/21/2017 at 20:15
I know I will only shoot at 'dillos from a longer range...

Posted By: magshooter1
Date Posted: November/22/2017 at 07:19
Excellent  Very Funny  Get Well Soon

It's not the size of the campfire; it's the quality of the company.

Posted By: RifleDude
Date Posted: November/22/2017 at 08:21
RIP Mike McDonald. You’ll be missed, sir!


Money can't buy happiness... but it's much more comfortable to cry in a Porsche than on a bicycle.

Posted By: xFREDRICKx
Date Posted: November/30/2017 at 11:34
Great story, Compelling, and Rich

Posted By: Lockjaw
Date Posted: May/01/2018 at 08:09
I was going to suggest a shotgun.....

And all would be dispatched with prejudice after your "incident".

Posted By: Scrumbag
Date Posted: May/01/2018 at 08:31
I need a dryer keyboard!

Was sure I had a point when I started this post...

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